We’re All A Little “Insecure”

SPOILER ALERT: If you are not yet caught up on the show or have not started it yet, this post contains spoilers. Everyone else, please continue šŸ™‚ InsecureĀ has captivated me. The release of this show just further reminded me how absent authentic Black characters are from mainstream television. It is a breath of fresh air from all of the reality shows depicting petty drama, forcing … Continue reading We’re All A Little “Insecure”

The New America

“…this is your life now…” How terrifying.Ā  Yesterday, I had prepared somewhat of a witty post to make light of the election. This was before the polls closed, before the numbers came rushing in, and before the United StatesĀ elected Donald Trump to the most powerful position in the world.Ā That draft was quickly deleted. When Trump first announced his candidacy, like many others, I did not … Continue reading The New America