How’s Your NFL Season Going?

Before I get deeply into this post, I am just going to say I am a Patriots fan. I love the Patriots, I have XLIX (49) tattooed above my left ankle in celebration of our Super Bowl 49 victory and if they are playing, consider me busy. I am not a journalist, so I can be as biased as I want to and freely express how I believe this is the greatest football team ever, Tom Brady is the Goat and so is the genius Bill Belichick. Yes, I receive much hate and I embrace it. I have to constantly endure all of the “cheaters” rhetoric, the Seahawks fans that I’m surrounded by in Seattle hate me (don’t be mad at me because Russell Wilson threw an interception in the endzone) and when I run into other Pats fans, we gotta high five each other. Being from tumblr_nj60yxko6g1qh3pr2o1_400North Carolina, I grew up with my family always rooting for random teams. The Panthers didn’t come to Charlotte until the late 90s, so it wasn’t odd to just pick a team and roll with them. My dad is a Raiders fan, mom Broncos, Uncle was a Cowboys fan, an Aunt was for Green Bay. By the time my sisters and I became interested in football, my dad told us that we didn’t just have to go for who he likes; my older sister decided to go with the Panthers, little sister the Colts and I went with NE (I didn’t know they were good, I swear). Anyway, those are my boys. I watch the Super Bowl where we beat Seattle all the time. It’s good TV. During the game I was flying back from Cabo. I said a prayer before we left for the airport and asked God for the W. Prayers do get answered. My friend and I were trying to stream the game on the plane without much luck, and it was while we were running to our next gate that I found out we won. Everyone started calling me like I was playing in the game or something. I felt like I should have gotten a ring too. Of course the world tried to rain on our parade with the Deflategate scandal. Will it tarnish Brady’s legacy? Maybe, but people tumblr_nj4lqcgx6s1tnx0qco1_400love to hate on the greats. I didn’t want next season to start because I was enjoying my reign as Super Bowl champs. The next season I had to watch Denver go to the Super Bowl and try not throw my TV out the window while doing so. Even still, they barely beat us in the AFC Championship with our millions of injuries. Our o line was being held together with string and scotch tape. Either way, my Pats look better than ever this season, Brady is killing it and we are on the way to doing some great things. I would like to see us converting more on 3rd down, Gostkowski needs to get his life together, and we need to ease up on the holding penalties. Sunday against the Steelers is going to rest on limiting LeVeon Bell. Can’t have them running all over us. I’m so grateful for DirecTV Sunday ticket. I can always watch my games and all the others. Can’t beat a Sunday full of football.

Everyone Else

2001There are some interesting things going on around the rest of the league. I always love to see how each new season is different than the one before it. The Panthers are on a tequila-esqe Super Bowl hangover, players are protesting police brutality, the Redskins are winning games. Even the Raiders are winning games. The Bills don’t look like a total train wreck. On the other hand, some things have stayed the same. RG111 is hurt, Tony Romo is hurt and the Browns are terrible. The Giants are still inconsistent, and it’s apparently driving Odell Beckham Jr. crazy. He’s crying, attacking nets, hugging nets, and giving every one a lot to talk about. According to him, football isn’t fun anymore. I’m sure losing isn’t fun. I bet dealing with all the politics of football isn’t fun either. You can’t celebrate, you get fined for wearing different cleats, the refs are either throwing too many flags or missing blatant calls. But we all know the Giants lowkey suck. I would be upset if I had to play on that team too. Odell barely does anything all season, then breaks out and has a stellar game last week. Because of this game, I lost in fantasy. But that’s what I like to see. Don’t allow your inner petty side to overshadow your talent. I would not want to be remembered as an over-emotional crybaby when I could be remembered as an elite wide receiver. I am curious to see where he will end up in a couple of years once he is a free agent. I don’t really see a ring in his future if he stays with the Giants. The player I am really curious to see where he will end up is Dak Prescott. Dak in tandem with Ezekial Elliott has been killing it. I still can’t dakbelieve sometimes that I am watching Dallas play. Dak’s QBR is 103.9. He completion percentage is 68.7. He broke Brady’s record of the most completions without an interception. All of these great stats, and Jerry Jones still wants to give Tony Romo the starting spot back. What is wrong with Jerry Jones!? You would think Tony Romo was his own son. I wouldn’t care if he was my son, you gotta sit down bro. Romo is ridiculously inconsistent, he’s getting old and he’s made of glass. I wouldn’t have the time to run a franchise where my quarterback gets hurt faster than some feelings. Jerry Jones needs to start looking towards the future. Cowboys fans nationwide will hate him if he messes up the good thing they have going with Dak and Zeke. Jerry will make Jason Garrett put Romo in, he’ll get knocked down and before you know it, his back has broken into a thousand pieces again. Over the past couple of days I have heard that Jerry might not put in Romo, but if it were me there would be no question about it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Tony Romo. If he wasn’t so delicate I think he would have been a great quarterback. He’s certainly had his moments. Romo will likely be ready to play within the next few weeks, so I can’t wait to see how this pans out.

Who Are These Minnesota Vikings?

Am I the only one still in shock over Minnesota? I mean, they’re undefeated. Out of nowhere they have an elite defense and are looking great on offense too. An offense being led by Sam Bradford. SAM BRADFORD, PEOPLE! He has a 70.4 completion percentage. Not too shabby. This is all without Adrian Peterson, might I add. A backup quarterback and running back are stomping all over the NFC North. tumblr_n6xukehrnl1qhkbk8o1_400
Green Bay is 2 games behind Minnesota. They’re barely hanging on to second place, because Detroit is gaining on them. Aaron Rodgers is out there looking rather struggly. Any one know what his problem is? I mean he’s not terrible, but he and Green Bay collectively don’t look like the Packers I know. We can also cease the talk about him being better than Brady. Whatever the reason, they’ve allowed the Vikings to take control of the division. It was like after the kicker missed that field goal in the divisional playoffs last year, they decided enough was enough. Out of the seven previous Vikings teams that started off 5-0, two went to the Super Bowl and three went to the NFC championship. Who knows whether this 2016 squad will follow in those footsteps; they can flop any time, but so far, so good. The Vikings look elite, but I certainly don’t think they’re invincible. I still think they can quite possibly lose to Dallas in December (with Dak as qb) and Green Bay will be a lot tougher the second time around just due to the fact of it being a divisional tumblr_n6tnonmakg1qhkbk8o1_400game. So much of the league sucks right now, so if the Vikings keep this up who’s to say they wont go 14-2 or 13-3. They have some really easy teams left on their schedule: the Bears, Colts, Jags…it’s really not fair. We’ll get an upset in there somewhere, I just can’t wait to see who will deliver them their first L. It’s interesting that they look much better than they did last year when Teddy Bridgewater was starting. I hated to see that he injured his knee, I really wanted to see how he was going to do this year. I’m sure Teddy feels the same way. It would suck to lose your job to Sam Bradford. But this is football, and you will get dropped faster than the Warriors blew their 3-1 lead. I truly believe that if the Pats had Brady in Week 3 we would be undefeated too, but unfortunately here we sit at 5-1. Nothing to complain about obviously. We’re still sitting at the top of the AFC. Undefeated means nothing once playoffs come. We’re not even halfway into the season. Minnesota has a lot of football left to play.

My Fantasy Nightmare

Last season, I killed it in fantasy. This season, I’m getting killed in fantasy. Life comes at you oh so fast. I think I had four different teams, and I won in them all. I felt unstoppable. I was blowing people out. I was the Patriots of each of my leagues. I was like “why do people think this is so hard?!” Well, now I know why. My fantasy this year is an absolute disaster. Out of my 3 teams, I have a winning record in one. In my family league, I am 0-6. You can just call me the Cleveland Browns. This is so upsetting. I hate losing. tumblr_nbjnuxode31qdt5vso2_r1_400
I have a great team, too. Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, Vinatieri, T.Y. Hilton, etc. yet I lose and lose. And its not that I’m getting blown out, I lose by a few points. If I was a quitter, I would just quit. Every week I feel like I am getting mentally and emotionally stomped on. I can’t stress about UW on Saturday (Go Huskies!) stress about the Pats on Sunday, and stress out about Fantasy Football the rest of the time. I consider making trades and dropping players, but for what? Everyone sucks. I might as well just keep my team that looks phenomenal on paper, even though they turn into scrubs when I really need them. I was so close to beating my brother in law last week, then the Jets play Monday night. Brandon Marshall balls out then I lose. My mood quickly changed to something resembling the Jordan crying face meme. By this point I’ve turned superstitious and believe I won’t win until the Browns win. If the Browns are destined to go 0-16, then I guess I am too. The Browns play the Jets on October 30th, so I might be able to secure my first W. This would be a great first win, because I hate the Jets. I’ll win in fantasy and real life, because a Jets loss is always a win for me. Fantasy is fun, but at the end of the day, my main concern is the Patriots and Brady knocking everyone down on his revenge tour.

Week 7 Picks

Here are my week 7 picks:


  • Packers
  • Giants
  • Chiefs
  • Colts
  • Vikings
  • Bengals
  • Lions
  • Raiders
  • Bills
  • Ravens
  • Buccaneers
  • Falcons
  • Pats
  • Seahawks
  • Broncos

Happy week 7!

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